Inroduction Ashraf Enterprises has a proud history of growth and investment in Pakistan since 2005 and today maintains one of the most organized and modern manufacturing facility in the industry. Our factory design was purpose built in 2005 and houses some of the most advanced production concepts in the apparel manufacturing sector in Pakistan. Together with our team of over 600 full-time workers ensures execution of production, efficiently maintain the quality and specification that is required.

Our core product range covers Polos, Hoodies, Sweat Shirts, trousers, shorts, skirts, blouses and children wear.

Complementing this is our capacity to hold large quantities of client-owned fabric stocks. For more individual requirements we have well-established and extensive relationships with textile mills and suppliers throughout Pakistan.

Vission A decade back, Ashraf enterprises took first step, down new roads, armed with latest technology, skilled work force & formulate stringent rules to ensure nothing but their own vision.

At Ashraf Enterprises, we recognize that our customers’ business is highly dependent upon the reliability of their suppliers. To that end we are driven by a process of continuous improvement, determined to meet or exceed expectations of service and reliability as a supplier of choice. Our sustained growth rate & long lasting relationship with our customers since years is clear evidence of, what we say- we do !! uncompromisingly, to win our customers confidence.

Quality Policy Enhance the ability at all levels of organization to produce a better level product at the best possible price according to the quality standards of individual customer.


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