Right Mindset to Achieve
Total Customer Satisfaction

With Technology and Expertise

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Skilled Work Force

Ability to work for all levels of organization to produce a better
level product at the best possible price according
to the Quality Standards

Our Products

With Our Exclusive Work Force

We Can Produce 25000 – 40000 Dozens
Value Added to Basic Garments Per Month.

Our Introduction

Team of 600 Full-Time Workers

Ensures Execution of Production, Efficiently Maintain
The Quality and Specification

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Welcome to Ashraf Enterprise

Ashraf Enterprises established in the year 2006 has a sustained growth rate history. Spread over purposely built area of 50,000 square. feet. Having 350 modern sewing & 18 special machines supported by 2 power generators of 300 KVA.

Started as a commercial exporter we established our-selves as a leading composite apparel manufacturing & exporting company. Now, We are recognized by world’s famous brands as leaders in creating, developing and manufacturing of knitted apparel products right from basic to highly fashioned garments thus responding to emerging trends in the industry. We translate conceptual ideas of our customers into reality and shape them through our technical team and professional acumen. The team here strongly believes that customer satisfaction is the essence of today’s business.

Ashraf Enterprises has the technology with expertise, product with knowledge and prior to all - right mindset to achieve total customer satisfaction.

Together with our scientific management, systems we adopted & the exclusive work force we can produce 25000 – 40000 dozens value added to basic garments per month.


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